Monday, February 25, 2008

Three of the Greatest Developer & IT Pro Resource Magazines by Microsoft are Free! in Digital Form

This is for all the developers who work on Microsoft Technologies. We all know about MSDN, and its usefulness. No Microsoft Technologies based Developer can live without it. MSDN is quiet a huge developer resource and provide most of the information free to developers online. Working in the same league, Microsoft has recently announced free availability of two of the greatest magazines for developers in electronic form, MSDN Magazine and Dr. Dobbs Journal. Both of these are a great source of programming related articles, insights, tips & tricks and lots more. You can avail the subscription free of cost by going to this link :-
Subscribe to MSDN Magazine and Dr Dobbs Journal for Free!

Apart from these two, there is one more definitive read for MS Technologies based developers as well as IT professionals, and that is the Technet Magazine. Its a monthly publication by Microsoft for both Developers, IT Pros and System Administrators equally. Every month you get insider's views, articles and tips and tricks about the internals of windows and its related tools and technologies. Its one of my favorite magazines and I recommend that one to everybody who is in any way connected to Microsoft technologies. You can read the magazine online at : or you can download its issues in HTML Help format (.chm) from

I sincerely hope that these free resources will help everyone like they have helped me.
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