Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Windows Vista Service Pack 1 leaked on Torrents!

We all know that the much awaited Windows Vista Service Pack 1 has finally gone RTM (Released To Manufacturing) and every single Vista user is drooling for it. But Microsoft is still not giving it for public download, since they have recieved some issues regarding some drivers of certain hardware devices which cause the SP1 installation to fail repeatedly, during the beta and RC (Release Candidate) phazes of SP1 development. The Redmond company will only release it to public download when all the listed problemetic devices get updated device drivers. Microsoft is working hard to get these drivers from its partners as soon as possible. Because of these reasons, general users won't be able to get SP1 from Micorosoft untill 18th march and users who would like to recieve it through Automatic Windows update will start getting it around 4th April. These are the official release dates as of now.
But in-between all this, due to high demand, Microsoft released SP1 to its 'Technical' users a.k.a Connect and MSDN subscribers early in february, just 4-5 days after its RTM date. As reports say it (and so is my personal experience :-) ), A copy of this MSDN special release of SP1 is leaked over the net and available as a torrent download on a very well known pirated torrent site (cant give the name or link, sorry :-) ). There are thousands of users who have downloaded it and found no problem in it. Althought the file's MD5 checksum cannot be verified, sources say that the file is same and is not tampered with. The version no of file is confusing, and shows it as a RC2 version, but the files inside it all have the x.xx.18000 version which is same as RTM release. One of my friend who is a MSDN subscriber, has also confirmed that this is also the case with the file they have got from Microsoft.

A word of caution: Although, there are some torrents which have the original file, there are many possibilities of Viruses, worms, trojans or other malicious contents bundled with it. Also some torrents, while claiming that they have the RTM version still carry the RC release of SP1. Beware of these, and if you can, i would recommend you to download it only from Microsoft.com after it is released. Also, if you have been updating your system till now regularly, there is not much speed gain you'll notice. Speed gain is there in file copying process though, and it is huge. :-) you decide!
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