Friday, May 3, 2013

Solution: Bluetooth not working after upgrading to Ubuntu 13.04 (Raring Ringtail)

If you are like me, there are good chances that you love Ubuntu as an OS and there are even better chances that you have already upgraded to the latest and the greatest flavor of it, version 13.04 code named Raring Ringtail. Upgrading an OS is not similar to Installing a fresh copy, well, we all computer veterans know that. 

Upgrading almost always brings with it its fair share of problem.One such problem i recently had was a non working Bluetooth. In Ubuntu 13.04, the Bluetooth applet has been changed a little and its more sophisticated looking now. But somehow, on some computers, when you are upgrading from 12.04 or 12.10, the Bluetooth stops working. Whenever I was trying to send any file to my Samsung Galaxy S3 smartphone, i was getting following error :

Error : GDBus.Error.openobex.Error.Failed: Unable to request session

I researched a lot and couldn't find any proper solution for it. In the process, I came across a Bugzilla entry : .But here also, the bug is only listed, no official solution has been posted as of now. But going through the user comments I found that few people have commented a solution, to use a software called BlueMan a.k.a Bluetooth Manager.It is available in official repositories so you can install it by simply issuing the following command:

sudo apt-get install blueman

I installed it and started it. Immediately, I saw another Bluetooth icon in my notification area which had somewhat similar options to the "official" icon. So I thought that was it and tried to send a file from this new icon's Send Files option. Turns out, it was able to pair with the phone but not able to send anything. It was repeatedly getting stuck and then reporting that there was an error sending the file without any much helpful message. BAM!

This was testing my patience now and I cursed the Ubuntu team a little :) Then out of the clear, blue sky, I got an idea and I tried the Send File option of original Bluetooth icon. It worked!! But when I exited Blueman, the situation reverted to previous state.

So basically the solution was to keep Blueman running and using the original Bluetooth icon. It was less than perfect as I now had two icons in my notification area, but it worked.

But we tech-guys do not stop until we get what we want, at least as far as computers are concerned. So I dig further and finally found an option to turn off the blueman icon while still keeping it running. In the Blueman icon's menu, there is an option to access its Plugins. Use that, and disable the tray icon plugin. That will get rid of the extra icon. However, if anytime you need to get the icon back, you will have to re-install the utility. I personally don't know how to re-enable it without that. If anybody has some idea, let me know in comments.

Hope this will help some poor soul. :)

Happy Computing!

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